3D Modelling & Animation

Close Quarters Comrades - 3D Animation


"Close Quarters Comrades" is an  animated short film that I created over 5 weeks as part of a self guided project at the end of my Digital Film and Animation Diploma. My goal was to focus on the cinematic qualities of the piece rather than the fluidity of the animation itself.

 Caveat Emptor "Awesome Cola"  - 3D Asset

A simple 3D model that I created in Maya for a short VFX film "Caveat Emptor" as part of my Advance Film Making Diploma in November of 2015. **More Details To Come**

Hitchcock (Character Modelling Exercise 2014) - 3D Character Model

Hitchcock was my first attempt at creating a fully 3D character of my own design. He was made using Maya as part of a 3D modelling assignment during my Diploma in Animation and Digital Video. His design was inspired by of some of my favourite Video Game franchises; Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell & Mirrors Edge.